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Ongoing Leadership and Management Training for the Entire Team, Including You, the Doctor

Our dental marketing company sees many dental practices focus on last-minute hiring for dentist front desk jobs, dental treatment coordinator jobs, and fast or on-the-job training for their team, and yet still, somehow without advanced planning, expect or at least wish for positive results.

Imagine this scenario: your day is jam-packed with appointments, insurance paperwork, and phone calls. Amidst all this chaos, you must also find time to properly find, interview, vet, onboard, and train your newly hired team member on the dental assistant training checklist and procedures.

With Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) ongoing team training portals, we are here to make that happen!

Building a great company culture, a dental success network, and getting everyone working together as a team requires consistent efforts and ongoing training. Our dental marketing agency will teach you how to efficiently and consistently use monthly book club meetings to improve your company culture, get the best ideas from your team, and build your practice success.

Our dental marketing company listens to your monthly goals and suggests the perfect new book each month for your team. This will most likely be a book, video, or training manual to help your team come together and improve themselves and your business.

We'll teach you how to make those monthly meetings exciting and dynamic and pull the best ideas from everyone on your team.

Our dental marketing company will show you the secrets and strategies we used to create a company culture of teamwork and success. When our team helped create our $54 million software company together, we were routinely voted the best company to work for in the Midwest.

That was not an accident. We carefully created and crafted our team and company culture. Our dental marketing agency can teach you how to do the same for your dental practice.

You need to learn the techniques to help you recruit world-class human resources for your practice. Without the right team and properly motivated team members, your success will always be less than ideal.

Some of us at Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) have been involved in strategic hiring for Fortune 50 companies. Many of us have been involved in recruitment at phenomenally successful startups with incredible growth rates and have even created Inc. 500 companies, the fastest-growing companies in the World.

Our dental marketing company has learned many things over our long careers, and we will teach that knowledge to you and your practice management team at no additional cost as part of our dental marketing consultative services to you.

This knowledge will help you recruit, interview, test, and manage your most important asset: your team. In turn, this will help you to create your most profitable possible dental practice. We will train your team to be great patient communication superstars.

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