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How to Hire the Best People – Here is a Sample Interview Strategy

Today, we will share just one strategy as an example that can be immensely helpful when interviewing many potential new dental applicants. One of the questions we do NOT ask is, "What would you do if you had an angry patient?" Don't ask a hypothetical question. Instead, ask what they have done in the past in a previous position.

We would ask for a response: "When you've encountered an irate customer or patient in the past, give me several examples of how you handled those situations." If the answers they give are outstanding, if they went out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction, and if they took follow-up action rather than pushing it on or just passing it off to accounting, then you know you probably have the right person.

The Best Books on Dental Applicants Recruitment and Hiring

Since hiring is critical to your long-term success, our dental marketing company recommends that everyone on your hiring team read or listen to the top books on hiring and recruitment. We assure you it will be an enlightening and excellent long-term investment. Our dental marketing agency will recommend the best books when you are ready.

Calling References

Always call all the references! This is an absolute must!

Many past employers will not tell you whether the former employee was fired, lazy, or had a bad attitude when calling for references. Worried about lawsuits, they will only tell you that they worked there for a specific period and their position.

To get past this information firewall, we will suggest many strategies. For example, say something like: "We are a small business, and we cannot afford to make a bad hire. If this were your business, would you consider this person as a must-hire, a could hire, or a probably not hire?"

You can suggest a thought experiment such as: "Our company is passionate about our team members being humble, hungry, and smart. Would this person fit that mold?"

You can also ask: "Would your company rehire this person?" Listen carefully to get the answers to your questions; you may need to "listen between the lines."

In one Fortune 50 company we are aware of, when Human Resources (HR) checked references, they asked about an applicant we will call Steve. His reference check said, "Steve was intelligent and driven, but they would not put him on any teams." The HR department hired Steve, much to their long-term regret.

Steve turned out to be a terrible employee that could not work with anyone. He missed almost every deadline, forgot about projects he said he would handle, routinely lied, and always had to be right about everything. Steve blamed everyone around him for his failures. He even told one of his co-workers he had been fired from every job he ever had!

It took this Fortune 50 company two years to finally fire Steve and get him out of the company. Just think about all the wasted effort, negative focused management time, human resources, and money that was thrown away because HR did not listen to this subtle warning: "I would not put him on any teams." Steve's previous employer literally warned HR; he could not work with others, but they did not listen between the lines.

Online Psychological Personality Testing

After you and your team have gained some insights and experience reading books on hiring and knowing how to interview to find the best possible applicants, our dental marketing company suggests using online testing and personality classification systems. Choosing to use these online systems does not mean substituting them for your skillful interviewing process or researching potential dental candidates. Instead, you use it as a double-check to look for potential problems and validate or invalidate your team's impressions.

Because there are costs to using such systems, our dental marketing agency recommends only sending online psychological evaluation tests to the final 4 to 8 dental applicants on your shortlist.

Human personality testing is unbelievably advanced in this modern World. Our dental marketing company uses a system called Prevue Online. Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) makes no money whatsoever from Prevue Online; we only recommend it to you and give you examples because we use it in our dental practices and high-growth rate companies.

Suppose you're looking for a great front desk team member. Wouldn't it be great if you had the psychological averages of thousands of evaluations for front desk receptionists and were able to compare your current job applicants' personality tests alongside them?

Let's say you are looking for a new associate dentist. Wouldn't it be great if you could compare your dental applicants with professional dentists' psychological evaluations at dental practices throughout the country?

That is precisely what Prevue Online allows you to do. You can use job fit reports for the following dental positions so you can understand how they work:

  1. Front Desk Receptionist
  2. Office Manager
  3. Hygienist
  4. Dentist

You can compare "Benchmark Overviews," which describes ways that Prevue Online can customize these profiles to individual offices, and an "Employee Lifecycle" chart, which outlines the different areas of pre and post-hire that can add value.

Training on hiring and building ideal team players

Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) will introduce you to the top books on hiring and building ideal team players. Ideal team players are humble, hungry, and smart. A company full of ideal team players means far less company turnover, higher patient satisfaction, less drama, far more efficiency, and dramatically more company success.


An ideal team player never seeks to stand out but instead strives for the success of any given project or the team as a whole. The first and most important virtue in this instance, humility, manifests itself through modesty regarding public recognition. This ensures that each member feels valued; it also helps encourage those around them by subtly facilitating a more humble persona amongst their colleagues.

Humble employees know that they are a part of something much bigger than themselves. They understand the balance between their contributions and those made by others without demanding personal credit or attention for what is achieved as a team. These ideal team players acknowledge the strengths and skills that they bring to your team without the need to pridefully boast about them.

As an ideal team player, humility is one of the most important virtues. Humility allows an employee to be more concerned with achieving success as a team than receiving credit or attention individually; in fact, humble employees are honest about what they can do and never brag about it.

A humble person is perfect for self-reflection; they accept feedback and are open to change and learning to perform better.


If you want to be a great team player, you must be hungry. Hungry employees desire and have the drive to work hard for their company without being pushed by management. They always volunteer to fill gaps or take on more responsibilities when necessary; they're eagerly looking around corners for new ways to contribute throughout the journey toward success!


The last virtue of an ideal team player is not about being smart or intelligent in the traditional sense. It's about being smart and wise in how to deal with people. Smart employees understand the nuances of team dynamics and know how their words or actions impact others. Their good judgment will help them decide what's best for each situation they encounter when dealing with patients and other team members that rely heavily on teamwork, like those at a dental office where collaboration is key to success.

Our dental marketing company delivers some of the best sales and communication skills and training available anywhere.

We work as your team training institute with your front desk team and treatment coordinators to teach the best techniques and strategies for answering phones and scheduling appointments effectively. These techniques will increase your consultations and case acceptance rates.

Some things you should be looking for in your dental office and team training:

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