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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video is worth a million! Think about all the new patients' great promotional dental marketing videos will bring to your dental clinic.

Powerful dental commercials are the most effective way to reach people everywhere, on every platform.

You Do the Dentistry.
We Deliver the Patients.

Great dental videos are critical to your dental clinic, getting thousands of new patients and closing tons of new high-margin dental services.

There are four (4) main types of dental videos.

You can use all these videos as Digital marketing videos, Social media videos, Over the top TV (OTT), Facebook videos, Dental website videos, Dental advertising videos, Your dental office YouTube channel videos, Testimonial videos, and Review videos for your dental clinic.

Handmade Videos

When you partner with Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW), we will provide you with a well-thought-out list of quick videos we would like you to make with your phone camera or any camera you have. They do not need to look professional; in fact, they should look casual and authentic.

Handmade videos are quick, one-take tutorial videos made with your phone. These short videos last between 30-60 seconds. They should appear as though they were quickly assembled. They can cover any brief subject. We will give you an extensive list of great video ideas we would like you to make, and you can shoot. Just go down the list!

Testimonial Videos

The testimonial videos are a great, invaluable asset. This is how your admiring, current patients can help do the selling for you. We can guide you in producing all the testimonials you need in just one weekend.

It's critical to understand that when you create these testimonial videos, you're asking your patients to talk about the benefits, not the features of the services they've received. We'll explain all of this in detail later.

Professional Dental Marketing Videos

Professional dental services videos are the ones we produce for you. We create videos that are well-written and well-crafted. They are 30 or 60 seconds long, slick, and great-looking. They promote your expertise and the high-margin dental services you offer.

People ask us almost every day how we create such great videos. Our secret is that our videos are directed and produced by a real Hollywood movie producer and director!

We are the only company he makes video ads and commercials for, and he does it in between his film projects. He does not make our videos just for the money. He enjoys the creative outlet and the feeling of helping others, and we feel the same way.

He is an excellent match for us and our core values. Generally, we make one high-quality video monthly about a particular dental subject like Invisalign, Candid, All on Fours, etc.

Whenever we begin working with a new dentist, we add their logo, phone number, and website information to all the videos we’ve previously created. We have been creating dental marketing videos for a long time. Our library of videos is extensive, world-class, and ready for you to use.

If you were to produce videos of this caliber yourself, you would almost certainly pay $10,000 to $12,000 per video. Our entire library comes included for you at no additional charge when you're a client of Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW).

Spokesperson Videos

The last type of videos we make for you are called spokesperson videos. The primary goal when a prospective patient visits your website should be to schedule a free dental consultation or make a dental appointment. These new appointments and sales are called conversions. These conversions will create lifelong new dental patients for your dental clinic.

Each page on your website needs to be written like a sales funnel. There should be a video on each page with a happy patient's testimonial explaining how your services changed their life. We call that a testimonial video.

You also need a video of someone doing the sales work for you. Sometimes this is called a pitch video, but we like to use the word spokesperson. A spokesperson is an engaging charismatic individual who will confidently promote you and your practice. They should be able to discuss the dental services you and your team provide in an outgoing and enthusiastic manner.

Spokesperson videos dramatically increase the conversions on each page of your website. A conversion is a visitor that turns into a free consultation or a dental appointment, and that's critical for your success.

Your spokesperson videos are your 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week, full-time, charismatic salesperson selling and promoting you, your practice, and your services to every website visitor.

How And Where We Use These Videos

We will utilize your handmade videos and our professional dental services videos all across the Internet, social media, and your website. These videos will be created and customized specifically for you.

You can also use our professionally created dental services videos everywhere in your local market. This includes broadcast TV and streaming services such as Youtube, Hulu, HBO, and Paramount+.

We will use your spokesperson videos on your website pages to convert visitors to free consultations and dental appointments.

Please look at some of the handmade videos made by our clients to our overall guidance and specifications. Here are a bunch of great videos.

YouTube video
Dr. Cardon
YouTube video
Dr. Levine
YouTube video
Dr. Kallam

Here are some great examples of the excellent professional dental services videos we have produced. We will tag them all with your practice name and phone number at the end.

YouTube video
A great engaging NightLase Sleep Apnea commercial video
YouTube video
An eye-catching dental video commercial for Candid Clear Aligners
YouTube video
Get new confidence amazing Invisalign commercial
YouTube video
A phenomenal Dental implant commercial video
YouTube video
Invisalign video commercial targeting people that are going to be married
YouTube video
An amazing Dental Sleep Apnea commercial featuring an Oral Appliance

Here are some examples of great customer testimonial videos we've created. We can show you how to get these types of amazing testimonials for your practice. You can show these amazing testimonials to new potential patients and audiences on your local social media platforms!

YouTube video
Great testimonial video from Lindsey speaking about her amazing recovery and her new smile from Invisalign.
YouTube video
Patient Hugo explains about new amazing confidence he has from his new Invisalign smile.
YouTube video
Robert speaks about his recovery and his new dental implants.
YouTube video
Television personality Veronica is so happy with her new Invisalign Smile!
YouTube video
Josh is so excited that his airway is open and he no longer snores, thanks to Invisalign and Nightlase.
YouTube video
Laura Is So grateful to have her new dental implant.

Lastly, here are some great spokesperson videos that do the selling for you that act as your full-time salesperson around the clock.

YouTube video
A beautiful spokesperson explains why this dentist and dental clinic are the very best for Invisalign care.
YouTube video
A charismatic spokesperson explains why this doctor and dental clinic are a great place to get a Dental Implant.
YouTube video
A professional spokesperson explains why this dentist and dental clinic are the very best for Nightlase, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and snoring.
YouTube video
Better than any general dentistry commercial, this spokesperson explains why this is the dentist and dental practice you want.

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You Do the Dentistry.
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