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We connect people in need of the best dental care to the industry’s top dentists.

Best Results Dental Marketing is a world-class dental marketing company.

Best Results Dental Marketing exists to bring the highest quality of dental help to those in need by connecting them with top dentists – like you! – who are passionate and caring about the work you do. We know the power a smile can have on a person’s life – how it leads to new confidence and life transformation.

Our dental marketing company cares about that, and through Best Results Dental Marketing, we all get to be part of it!

We’re absolutely ecstatic about your success

The Best Results Dental Marketing Team (BRDM) consists of digital marketing and social media experts that will drive sales to and build a community around your practice!

We specialize exclusively in the entire spectrum of digital marketing and social media, specifically for dentists including Invisalign, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants, Dental Sleep Medicine, and General Dentistry.

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Real Dental Marketing Results

Our Founder, Dr. Geoffery Skinner

  • Became #1 Invisalign GP provider in Oregon after less than 9 months of practice ownership

  • Lectures for the American Academy of Clear Aligners on Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Winner Invisalign Doctor of the Year
  • Doubled sales in his practice in the first year with proven Digital Marketing, Social Media, and referral strategy
  • Grew his practice sales over 330% over three years using these proprietary marketing techniques and technologies

  • Authored the 6 top-rated and top-selling Dental Education apps in the world

Let us help you increase the number of amazing smiles in your community!

At Best Results Dental Marketing, we are a dental marketing company that understands the value of personal attention and one-on-one communication.

Our vision of helping others by connecting patients in need with the best dentists revolves around meeting your new patient’s needs through attentive, personalized service.

We seek to better understand you and your dental marketing needs to help make you far more successful in business! Hopefully, your current dental marketing company feels the same way. If not, we hope that you’ll connect with us today!

We are committed to delivering you the highest quality results and services you deserve. We invest our time into understanding your unique circumstances before developing a specific strategy for your practice.

Our dental marketing company will be scrupulously honest with you about what is and isn’t working.

We will use the knowledge from previous dental projects we’ve successfully completed and our team’s years of experience building startups, INC 500 companies, and being key players in the Titans of Industry (Fortune 50 companies) to provide you with the best-informed recommendations that will work the best for your dental practice’s growth.

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What Makes The Best Results Dental Marketing Team Different Than The Other Dental Marketing Companies You’ve Heard Of?

Best Results Dental Marketing exists to give the highest level of help to the most people by providing the maximum number of new patients to key dentists in North America.

We provide that help by connecting passionate and caring dentists to people that need their expertise and services.
We use our extensive experience and expertise in digital marketing to provide the very best Social and Google search execution strategy, Real SEO (Search Engine Optimization), business consulting, and much more.

Working with some other dental marketing companies can be frustrating. You often have to deal with pushy salespeople who lack transparency and overpriced products that often don’t deliver results. If you ask about the lack of results, many of them will just try to persuade you to add new services and tell you “You just need to pay more.” We have seen it all; we understand.

We know that you want to work with a team that’s passionate about what they do. A team that gets excited when you get new business and shares your excitement in your success.

Best Results Dental Marketing is proud of our culture built around the values of transparency, trust, and empathy.

Our dental marketing company’s values are:

  • We over-deliver
  • We don’t let our team or clients down
  • We are constantly testing & learning
  • We do the right thing (even if it doesn’t benefit us)
  • As a Team, we learn forward by not being afraid to take calculated, intelligent risks

Unlike other dental marketing companies, Best Results Dental Marketing believes that these values are essential for building long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual respect and understanding. Our clients love working with us because we deliver what we say. 

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Real Dental Marketing Success Stories

“We have been with this team for almost two years now and they consistently produce and go above and beyond for us. Couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Dr. Matt Hicks
Bayview Dental Center
Texas City, Texas

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Simple Process. Big Results.

We’ll reach out when we have availability to take on your practice.

We’ll Implement The Best Strategy For You

We will give you access to the same strategies, training, systems, techniques, and technologies that have led to incredible growth for others.

Buy a Boat, Pay Off Your Practice…

Or whatever you like. That’s up to you when your practice has more than enough of the right patients every day.

If you’re looking for the best digital marketing company in the dental industry, you’ve come to the right place. It would be impossible for the best dental marketing company to take on every client that asks us for help. However, we regularly hire and meticulously train the best people in the industry to serve the most clients possible.

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Perfect Dental Marketing Company Exclusivity

If we agree to partner together, Best Results Dental Marketing guarantees you that we will be a perfect partner and not work with any other dentist office within your territory. Exclusivity with Best Results Dental Marketing provides your dental office an incredible lifelong strategic dental marketing advantage over all of your local competitors.

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Dental Marketing lead generation for your dental practice

At Best Results Dental Marketing, we will bring your dental office tons of new general dentistry patients each month. This is an excellent opportunity for you to make significantly more money and grow your business the right way.

As a top dentist, we know you don’t need just general dentistry patients; you need the right kind of new patients.

If you’re a top Invisalign dentist, you need new Invisalign patients. If you are a top sleep apnea doctor, you need snoring and sleep apnea patients; If you’re the highest-rated implant dentist, you need implant patients.

Our team at Best Results Dental Marketing are experts in bringing you targeted leads for the specialties you offer. Our dental marketing company creates Google Ads, original content for Facebook Ads and social media, and world-class video content for each of your specialties. We create ad funnels for each of your specialty dental services. Anyone who engages with your sites or our dental marketing ads will be routinely targeted with presentations about services they are interested in, showcasing your skills, abilities, and the benefits of your expert procedures.

For instance, if someone clicks on an Invisalign ad, they will enter your Invisalign ad funnel and be routinely shown all of your Invisalign content. They will see world-class videos about your dental practice being the best at Invisalign in your area. And because retargeting costs far less money, these retargeted patients will see your dental marketing over and over until they are ready to make their first Invisalign appointment.

Best Results Dental Marketing delivers the best leads for your dental office and your specialties. Our dental marketing company is your secret weapon to building high-margin and high-volume new patients for your dental practice.

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