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Dental Marketing Case - Study Clocktower Family Dental

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Patient loyalty comes with delivering a positive experience and great treatment that keeps them returning, but how can dentistry practices ensure their patients stick around?

Clocktower Family Dental  has demonstrated one way to build remarkable patient-practice relationships and keep their clients engaged through the strategic use of social media.

This dental marketing case study examines Drs. Jeremy and Jonathan Cardon's team and how they use social media to enhance their practice growth and patient loyalty. The Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) marketing team met with the owners and team members at Clocktower Family Dental about key strategies for successful social media campaigns that we were confident could help.

Introducing Clocktower Family Dental and the Key Players in the Business.

Clocktower Family Dental, nestled in the heart of Castle Rock, Colorado, is a premier dental practice that delivers exceptional dental care. The esteemed brothers Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Jonathan Cardon, both seasoned family dentists with a deep passion for patient health, lead their team. Their comprehensive approach and dedication to their patient's well-being have been instrumental in shaping the ethos of this social dental practice.

Together, they form a formidable team, steadfast in their mission to provide unparalleled service to their patients while maintaining a carefully planned solid digital presence. Their efforts serve as a model for other dentistry practices seeking to elevate their patient-practice relationships and broaden their reach through search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

Summarize the Objectives Behind the Dental Marketing Campaign

The objectives behind the dental marketing campaign of Clocktower Family Dental were threefold:

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SEO for Patient Engagement

The primary goal was to increase patient engagement. By crafting new dental content for their website and social media platforms, they aimed to create an environment that fosters communication, allows real-time feedback, and makes patients feel valued.

This carefully crafted, perfect dental SEO-optimized content immediately skyrocketed them to the number one position compared to all other dentists and orthodontists in their city. The SEO work done by Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) gets them almost 8.5% of all dental searches on Google! More than doubling their next closest competitor. Potential dental patients find them first.

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#1 for all dental keyword searches in the Google Map Pack in Castle Rock!

Brand Awareness

A significant objective was to boost local brand awareness. Through consistent, relevant posts on social media, they sought to establish a solid digital presence and keep their brand top-of-mind for residents in need of dental care.

Patient Retention

Lastly, they aimed to increase patient retention. By providing valuable, educational content and promoting a sense of community online, they were able to cultivate loyalty and keep patients coming back to their practice.

Jordan Nelson from Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) meticulously planned and implemented a series of targeted social media campaigns to achieve these objectives. He ensured that the content shared was both informative and engaging, encouraging users to interact with the posts.

This approach allowed Clocktower Family Dental to connect with its audience personally, thereby strengthening patient-practice relationships. It also helped position the clinic as a thought leader and dental expert in the dental space, contributing to increased brand visibility and standing in the community.

Describing the Tactics Used to Increase Brand Awareness and Generate Leads.

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Clocktower Family Dental utilized a multi-pronged approach to increase brand awareness and generate leads. They began with a comprehensive audit of their website and social media presence, identifying the platforms that resonated most with their target audience. They then developed a unique brand voice consistent across all channels, ensuring it was engaging, personable, and reflective of their commitment to dental care.

Content creation was another critical element in their strategy. They committed to posting engaging, relevant, and informative content regularly. This examined oral health tips, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the clinic, team introductions, and patient testimonials. These posts offered value to their followers and showcased the clinic's expertise and commitment to patient care, thus strengthening their brand image.

Clocktower Family Dental also leveraged the power of targeted ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They created and ran localized ad campaigns aimed at their core demographic, driving potential patients to their website or inviting them to book appointments directly through the social media platform. This approach ensured their brand reached the right audience and resulted in lead generation.

To complement their digital efforts, they also tapped into the power of offline marketing. They held community events and participated in local fairs and meet-ups, which helped them connect with new patients more personally and allowed them to showcase their commitment to the community.

Consistency, engagement, and a carefully curated mix of informative and promotional content were the keys to their successful brand awareness and lead-generation strategy. Clocktower Family Dental transformed its social media platforms into a thriving community of loyal patients and potential leads by keeping their communication channels open and content relevant and engaging.

Highlight Successful Strategies that Made a Difference in Client Outreach

Among the successful methods that made a significant difference in client outreach for Clocktower Family Dental, a few key tactics stood out:

Personalized Communication

One of the hallmarks of their digital strategy was customized communication. For instance, through their social media platforms, they would promptly respond to comments and questions, always addressing the person by name. This approach made their clients feel valued and heard, fostering a more personal connection with their brand.

Client Testimonials

The use of client testimonials was another powerful strategy. Potential clients often trust the words of their peers more than any other form of advertising. By having satisfied patients share their positive experiences, Clocktower Family Dental created a sense of authenticity and trust around their brand, influencing potential clients' decision to choose their services.

Localized Ad Campaigns

Their targeted, localized ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram were particularly effective. By focusing their advertising efforts on their local community and using geo-targeting features, they reached potential clients most likely to use their services. This precision marketing led to an increase in their client base and a boosted return on investment.

Offline Community Engagement

Lastly, their community engagement activities played a pivotal role in client outreach. By regularly participating in local events and hosting dental health awareness programs in schools and community centers, they could connect directly with potential clients, leaving a lasting, positive impression.

By implementing these strategies, Clocktower Family Dental effectively reached out to its clients, increased its brand awareness, and cemented its reputation as a customer-centric, caring, and trustworthy dental practice. The success of their client outreach efforts underlines the importance of a well-rounded, multi-channel approach to dental marketing.

Discuss How the Case Study Can Be Applied to Other Dental Practices for Success.

The Clocktower Family Dental case study provides a blueprint for success that can be applied to other dental practices. The key to replicating this success lies in understanding and implementing their strategies.

Other dental practices can enhance client outreach by working with Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) to create SEO-optimized content on their website.

Dental procedures can foster a customized connection with the audience by being responsive on social media platforms and addressing their audience by their names. This approach makes clients feel valued and heard, which strengthens client-practice relationships.

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Educating the audience about dental health can be a game-changer. Regular posts about oral health, dental procedures, and preventative care portray the practice as an authoritative figure and help clients make informed choices about their dental care. This strategic move can significantly enhance the practice's brand image.

Client testimonials are a powerful tool for building trust and authenticity around the brand. Potential clients often trust peer reviews more than any other form of advertising, so showcasing the positive experiences of satisfied patients can significantly influence potential clients' decisions to choose the services.

Localized ad campaigns can be a lucrative addition to other dental practices' marketing strategies. By focusing advertising efforts on the local community, dental practices can reach potential clients who are most likely to require their services. Combined with the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, this precision targeting can result in a broader client base and a higher return on investment.

Lastly, offline community engagement is another tactic that can be adopted. Regular participation in local events and hosting dental health awareness programs can help dental practices connect directly with potential clients. This direct engagement can leave a lasting, positive impression, further enhancing the reach and reputation of the dental practice.

By implementing these strategies: personalized communication, dental health education, client testimonials, localized ad campaigns, and offline community engagement - other dental practices can replicate the success of Clocktower Family Dental.

The key lies in maintaining a balanced mix of informative and promotional content. By doing so, dental practices can transform their social media platforms into thriving communities of loyal patients and potential leads, thereby increasing brand awareness and solidifying their standing in the community.

Conclusion and Final Interview

I hope this case study and its application to other dental practices have provided valuable insights into dental social media marketing. By adopting a multi-faceted, client-centric approach and leveraging the power of modern communication tools, dental procedures can effectively reach out to their audience, enhance their brand image, and increase their clientele. As with any marketing effort, staying current with the latest trends, adapting and evolving strategies as needed, and consistently engaging with the audience are essential in maintaining a solid online presence.

By doing so, dental practices can set themselves up for long-term success and growth in an increasingly competitive market. So, it's time for your dental practice to step up its marketing game and achieve excellence, just like Clocktower Family Dental! So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these strategies today and see the results for yourself. Happy marketing!

Dr. Cardon, without going into too much detail about your numbers. You had a previous marketing company before Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW).

Would it be accurate to say that you spent three times (3X) more money with them than you are with SDN and that SDN delivers much better-qualified leads?

"Yes, that would be accurate. Yeah, we had a very big marketing budget. SDN brings us at least 100 new patients a month on 1/3 of our previous marketing spend. SDN has been able to target and get us the kind of new patients we have been looking for."

What message would you want to convey to another dentist about your experience working with SDN?

"It's been a wonderful experience. When someone has real integrity and is really good at what they do, it just really comes across. We really appreciate SDN for that. SDN has been a dream to work with."

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