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Our dental marketing agency will manage your dental marketing and build an online social media community of people who know your dental practice, engage with your content, and will create raving fans for your practice! If you need to win over your competitors, you should benefit from our social media marketing services for dentists.

How Can Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Social Media Marketing for Dentists Can Bring Endless New Patients to My Dental Clinic?

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms are where next month’s, next quarter’s, and next year’s new patients will come from. You have to market to potential new patients where they are.

Today, 80% of Americans regularly use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and social media platforms.

People use social media to keep in touch with family and friends, to see what’s going on within their community, and to feel connected with something bigger than themselves.

If you want tons of new patients, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Social Media are the places to cultivate them because this is where your potential new patients are every day. You need to utilize the power of social media marketing for dentists to market your services to your potential patients.

Dental Marketing with Facebook, Instagram, and social media campaigns is completely different from dental marketing on other traditional platforms. You must understand how it is different to leverage your success on these platforms. If you think of social media as something similar to Google ads, you will be burning through your money with no results.

Because you have access to their social media newsfeed, your social media content must be engaging and exciting. By default, people are programmed not to look at traditional commercials, especially on Social Media, so running “traditional dental marketing or normal ads” on social media platforms is essentially a waste of your money.

To successfully use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media marketing ad platforms and campaigns, you need to create a community of people who know about your dental clinic and find your content interesting, funny, and compelling. Instagram and Facebook ads for dentists campaigns and social media ad campaigns are generally a “soft sell.” This means your content must be funny, interesting, and engaging but not pushy or sales-only focused.

The best way to market on Instagram, Facebook ads manager, and other social media platforms are to get someone to engage with your content and build a community of people who love you and your content and routinely engage with it.

With Facebook ads for dentists, Instagram ads for dentists, and other Social Media platforms, Engagement is the only metric that matters.

Why is that, you might ask?

Because once someone engages with your dental marketing content on your dental website, you can retarget them for pennies on the dollar. One of the strategic secrets to successful Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media ad platforms is to create raving fans around your outstanding dental services.

Engagement and Retargeting

Engagement and Retargeting

For example, if you run a standard Invisalign ad on Social media, it might cost you between $20 – $100 for a single ad to run once in your territory.

However, once people have engaged, shared, liked, or commented on your funny and engaging Social Media content, they are now in your engagement pool. Now you can show that same Invisalign ad to that same person for $1.

So once that person is in your engagement pool, we can run fifty or hundreds of ads to them for the same price as just one ad before.

This is so important it bears repeating to make sure you understand it.

You can show the same Invisalign ad to that same person 50-100 times for the same price as showing them one ad before. Which one do you think will be more effective?

This is why successful social media strategies focus on engagement and retargeting.

Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) will create a community of engaged potential new patients to ensure your dental marketing budget brings you the maximum number of new patients. This creates thousands of raving fans that will love you, your team, your dental clinic, and your content. We create dental content that will make them laugh and connect to them personally, which is exciting, and they will engage with your content routinely.

Once they have engaged with your content or ads, we will run Facebook ad campaigns, Instagram ad campaigns, and TikTok social media dental marketing campaigns directly to your engaged community. We are experts in creating Instagram and Facebook ad funnels for dentists.

So, potential new patients will become your raving fans in your territory and will see your ads hundreds or thousands of times, economically and efficiently. Whenever any of these likely new patients or raving fans need a dentist or dental work done, your dental clinic will be the only one they think about because you will be the only dental practice they see.

YouTube video

This is an Invisalign Services video ad we created to increase conversions (sales) significantly

Some dentists may have told you that social media dental marketing didn’t work for them as well as they had hoped; we know that it is almost certainly because they fail to understand how to use Social Media platforms like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram marketing for dentists effectively. Or they have hired a dental marketing company that burns their money by creating ads that don’t even convert for them.

Our team has built multimillion-dollar companies with Social Media ads and has effectively used Social Media in Fortune 50 companies for years. We will create social media dental marketing campaigns that work for you to rapidly scale your dental clinic by finding you endless new patients and, when needed, the most highly qualified new employees in your area.

The best Social Media dental marketing strategy and execution: we’ll ensure your dental office engages with the most potential new patients and turns them all into raving fans.

Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok marketing for dentists is a big part of how people interact with dental clinics today; it is the new word of mouth. Yet, many dental clinics struggle to get started, find the time, or even know how to create an ad that displays engaging content.

As your trusted dental marketing agency, Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) will help you develop highly effective Social Media dental marketing strategies that build a community, fit your dental office, and connects with new and existing patients on their terms.

We’ll also ensure you have a live dashboard in place so you can stay on top of your Facebook and Instagram dental marketing campaigns. We will take care of all the hard work so you won’t have to spend hours creating content and managing your social accounts and communities daily!

Example of our Facebook Ads For Dentist Real-Time Dashboard with actual live data!

With Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) as your social media dental marketing agency, we’ll take care of everything. We are experts in creating compelling dental marketing content, producing effective dental ads, Instagram stories, and videos showcasing your dental expertise, and generating effective sales funnels that will increase the conversion rate of social media users to website visitors to new patients. Our tremendous production skills will keep Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and social media users constantly seeing new content from your dental practice while creating and managing your entire online dental community! Our dental marketing company understands your target audience, and we target the people by showing them what they need.

What You Can Expect From the Best Dental Marketing Company in North America:

Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) will help you with all aspects of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok videos, and social media dental marketing. Our dental marketing agency works with virtually all the top dentists nationwide looking to increase their online presence and grow their patient base through effective dental content marketing strategies. Our team has worked with and has been trained by some of the best brands in the world, so we know how to create content that engages audiences and gets results!

Here’s What You Can Expect From Us:

Expect From Us

Exceptional New Dental Patient Social Media Engagement

Creating engaging dental marketing content is the most crucial element to successful social media marketing, where engagement is the only metric that truly matters. Our dental marketing company creates compelling dental content and authentic personalized posts for your audience members to enjoy so they fall in love with you, your brand, and your dental office! We create landing pages for dentists; these landing pages contain call-to-action forms, buttons, and your phone number so your potential customers can easily convert to an effective sale.

Cutting Edge Expertise in Social Media Marketing for Dentists for All of Your Dental Marketing Needs

You may be struggling to keep up with Facebook and Instagram’s ever-changing algorithms and, oftentimes, crazy social media ad policies, but we’ll take that off of your hands. Our dental marketing company will strategically build your social channels for success and adapts to new updates quickly so that you can focus your time where it matters – dentistry!

Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) is Providing World Class Social Media Marketing Services for Dentists:

TikTok for Dentists and Social Media Marketing Brings You a Steady Flow of New Dental Patients, Provides an Ongoing Connection to Your Current Patients, and Turns Them Into Raving Fans.

Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) has helped top dentists throughout North America grow their digital presence through our proven dental marketing strategies and tactics. Our dental marketing agency promotes engagement with relatable posts, testimonials, and Hollywood-produced, custom-made videos.

Our expert dental marketers create and execute efficient social media marketing campaigns that support your dental procedures message while converting new followers into loyal new patients that we call “raving fans.”

One of the Secrets to Booming Dental Clinic Marketing Success Is Social Media Marketing.

Most dental marketing companies don’t know how to create engaging content or content that drives conversions. This is due to a lack of understanding of how Social Media platforms work.

You need the best strategies and content that compels your audience to like, comment, share, or subscribe. We provide proven dental marketing content with tested strategies and methods that will capture your audience’s attention and make them happy to engage.

Our dental marketing company monitors and analyzes your numbers closely to know exactly how much impact these strategies have. New patients coming in every month to your dental office will prove that highly effective Social Media dental marketing campaigns work with an obviously high return on investment! What’s better than seeing a steady stream of new patients come into your dental office every month?

Trade Secret Social Media Marketing Strategies Add Real Value to Your Dental Practice’s Success

The best dental social media marketing campaign mixes highly engaging content, professionally produced content, handmade content, analytics, and effective new patient ad funnels.

The three core principles are: creating unique content that engages potential new patients, analyzing the data generated to determine what works best, and directly targeting likely new patients into perfect, highly effective ad funnels. We understand the targeting options that work best for dentist ads.

This can create loyal followers that we call “raving fans” to your dental clinic, who are educated and passionate about your team and your dental clinic, leading to more new patients and a far more comprehensive referral source.

Ultimately, it is not about how many posts you make or the subject of your content; it’s about engagement and the quality and consistency of your storytelling. The best dental social media marketers are storytellers who understand their audience’s problems, humor, needs, and desires.

That’s what you’ll get when you partner with Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW)!

The Power of Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns and Social Media Marketing in a Successful Dental Clinic

Successful Dental Clinic

Social Media is a necessity in the dental marketing world; it simply is not an option. More than 80% of potential patients currently use their preferred social media platform daily to connect with friends and interact online.

This means social media provides a highly effective platform for dentists to better connect with their current existing patients and potential new ones. The ability of social media marketing to build a community and foster a connection and trust between the dentist and the patient is a unique advantage that has been fully seized with Facebook, Instagram, and social media by the top and most successful dental practices.

Based on our extensive experience Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) is probably providing the best social media marketing services for dentists in North America. We create highly effective organic and paid dental social media marketing campaigns. Together with our many other dental marketing efforts, we drive potential new patients to your Facebook page, Instagram page, social media pages, and dental website.

We boost your search rankings, amplifying your messaging to patients, improving your reputation, and generating high-quality leads. These strategies will ultimately convert these interested potential new patients into raving fans and current patients into new long-term patients for life for your dental clinic.

Essential Aspects That Make Our Dental Social Media Marketing Ad Strategies Successful

Compelling Social Media Dental Content

Your dental practice is unlike any other, so showing off your before and after dental work and your team’s personalities on social media allows patients to get a feel for what makes you unique. Things like posting behind-the-scenes photos of employees or relatable memes on your social media, like Facebook or TikTok accounts, will let people see you and your team more as friends than just their dentist! We produce world-class videos to do TikTok marketing for dentists.

Our premier dental marketing agency strengthens your connections with patients through targeted social media marketing campaigns and long-term connection strategies.

Our elegant high-resolution images, captivating descriptions, engaging blog posts, and fantastic dental videos showcase what’s best about your dental office. When supplemented by personal photos, videos, and graphics you provide, a complete identity for your dental office is created, letting people know more about what makes your practice unique. We have provided high-paying customers to our clients with the help of our social media marketing for dentists.

We Build Highly Effective Dental Marketing Sales Ad Funnels That Drive Those Who Engage and Visit Your Facebook Page and Dental Website To Choose the Dental Services You Offer.

You might ask yourself, what is an ad funnel, and why is it essential to my dental practice?

You and your dental clinic have many specialties – Invisalign, dental implants, sleep apnea, esthetics/cosmetics, full mouth reconstruction, etc. Each one of these specialties needs its own website page and ad funnel.

For example, our sophisticated AI dental marketing software will know if the potential new patient clicked on an Invisalign ad copy. It will drop that likely new Invisalign patient into the Invisalign ad funnel. Once in the funnel, that potential patient will see your Invisalign content, marketing ads, and Invisalign videos often, wherever they are – whether they’re on their phone, desktop, or friend’s house – your Invisalign ads will follow them, reminding them that you’re the best Invisalign dentist for them.

Our dental marketing company will provide you with an artificial intelligence-powered software that will keep track of each social media platform, such as Facebook ad funnel for dentists. After a potential patient has been through the entire funnel, the AI software will start them in a new funnel, such as general dentistry or the “best dentist in your city” funnel. So the potential new patient is constantly learning about your dental office’s expertise and the things that make you different.

After the likely patient has been through all of those ad funnels, the system will take them back to a new Invisalign funnel and begins the process all over again because these ads are retargeted they are incredibly inexpensive!

Once retargeted in our dental marketing ad funnels, your potential new patients will continue to see your targeted new dental content over and over, again and again, until you become the only dentist and dental clinic in the area that they know and trust.

When they, their friends, or their family need a general checkup or a specific dental service such as Invisalign, they will recommend and choose you.

Through rigorous testing of hundreds of thousands of ads, our dental marketing company can get people to engage with our content at a far higher rate by presenting all kinds of humorous, engaging, or loveable dental marketing content.

Our content touches on topics that people connect with. We’re not just posting a tooth that is colored like the American flag and saying, “Happy Fourth of July.” Nobody cares about that; nobody clicks, comments, or even likes that. We’re posting topics that people empathize with or make them laugh or stimulate current events conversations.

Once they engage with one of our fantastic pieces of dental marketing content, our dental marketing agency can retarget them for you at a very low cost. Do you know what we mean when we say “retarget?”

Let us give you an example. Have you ever typed something like “power drills” into Google, and then for the next three weeks, all you see are power drills ads everywhere you go on the web? That’s called “retargeting.” Let’s say it costs $20 – $40 to bring someone to your Dental Website, Facebook, Instagram, and social media pages. Once they engage with our dental marketing content, our dental marketing company can retarget them by dropping them into the appropriate sales funnel, for example, a Facebook ad funnel for a dentist; then, it only costs $.50 – $1 for someone to see one of your impressive ads or videos. These are example numbers, of course, that will vary by community, but the end result will be highly cost-effective and deliver endless new patients!

World-Class Dental Marketing Videos for Your Dental Practice

Best Results Dental Marketing (Social Dental NOW) is lucky enough to work with a real Hollywood movie director who loves us and our clients. He produces customized world-class dental video commercials for you, our client, monthly. Once someone drops into your sales ad funnel, they will regularly see incredible videos like these fantastic world-class dental videos and new fresh ones every month.

Essential Workers - Smiles Family Dental

YouTube video

Sleep Apnea - Smiles Family Dental

YouTube video


YouTube video

If someone engages with one of our Dental Implants ads or content, from then on, they will see world-class videos about how dental implants from your practice can give them a full, confident, healthy smile again.

You won’t find anyone anywhere who can produce social media dental content better than our team of social media dental marketing experts. Our clients say that our dental marketing company is the best at providing social media marketing services for dentists.

You Are Busy. We Get It.

Let our dental marketing company help take care of your critical Facebook and Instagram, social media ads campaigns, and social media dental marketing needs so that you can focus on running your dental practice instead of posting things you “hope” might work.

We’ll make sure new and fantastic dental marketing content is posted at the correct times and in the right places so you get maximum visibility and engagement with minimal effort from you.

All you have to do is do what you do best – excellent dentistry!

Click to schedule your FREE meeting with our dental marketing agency NOW, or call 442-245-3700 and start getting new high-margin patients today!

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